Trik Sederhana Membuat Internet Menjadi Murah

  Sekarang internet sudah menjadi kebutuhan dan setiap orang menggunakan internet, siapa sih yang tidak ingin internet menjadi murah? Supaya internet bisa menjadi murah sebenarnya sangat sederhana: Berbagi biaya akses internet dengan tetangga / Patungan, contoh sederhana bisa kita gunakan dengan sistem RT/RW Net . Membangun Server Lokal untuk menyimpan semua data konten dari internet, hal ini bertujuan untuk menghilangkan biaya akses internet ke luar, jika server ada di lingkungan RT/RW Net maka cukup hanya server yang mengumpulkan data/konten baru dari internet untuk disimpan di server lokal. (konten video dan artikel ). Lebih banyak yang ikut patungan untuk akses internet maka akan semakin murah biaya layanan internet. Misal harga layanan 500rb 10Mbps. Maka kita bisa bagi dengan jumlah orang/rumah yang ikut patungan. Contoh : untuk membagi biaya kita bisa bagi dengan misal 10 Rumah ikut patungan , 10Mbps / 10 rumah maka masing-masing rumah akan mendap

Komodo Island Tourism Destinations in Indonesia

Komodo Island Tourism Destination in Indonesia.
Indonesia is a fertile and rich archipelago with a wealth of diverse natural resources and tribes, diverse religions and languages make indonesia a unique country.
Indonesia has people who are fiendly to others, especially to visiting foreign tourists. so what are you waiting for, let's visit this agricultural country immediately. now i will invite all my friends to visit one of the many tourist destinations in Indonesia, namely is "Komodo Island".
Komodo Island is an island that is included in the Komodo Nasional Park area along with other islands in the Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) Indonesia.
in 1986, UNESCO designated thi Komodo Island Tourist spot as a World Heritage Site. this island is considered as a habitat for komodo dragons that must the protected.
Komodo island tourism was included in the seven (7) Natural World of the world in 2011. this tourist spot offers extraordinary natural beauty from the land and the underwater world which is preserved for its beauty and various marine life.
to explore thi area, you can be with a group that will be guided by a ranger who will equip you with a branched stick and it is belived that with this stick we can avoid this sncient animal when it approaches by squeezing dragon,s neck.
this animal will automatically become tame and it is very important for you to be careful not to make sudden movements because these ancient animal where very sensitive to sudden movements.
Enjoy the underwater beauty in the waters of komodo island, you can dive and snorkel. this area is also one of the favorite dive location for divers from various countries because of its extraordinary beauty. there is one place that is no less intersting in this location, namely "Pink Beach", this beach is one of the seven beaches in the world tha has reddish colored beaches. The color tah appears on this beach in thought to be from coralflakes mixed with beach sand.
when hit by the waves, the red color will be more obvious because it is exposed to see water. for those of ypu who want to visit thi tour, it can be accessed via the available tansfortation means.
we look forward to welcoming you all to Indonesia, a beautyful country and a tropical nature that will make you feel comportable and don't want to go home.


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